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Software as a Service “SaaS”

Take Your Business to the Cloud with Imperium Powered by Acumatica SaaS
Designed from the ground up to be a better SaaS solution, Imperium Powered by Acumatica reflects IBS’s understanding of what matters to small and mid-size businesses when it comes to using technology in the cloud.


What is Imperium Powered by Acumatica SaaS?

For many small and mid-size businesses, choosing Software as a Service (SaaS). With our SaaS solution, users can access their ERP anytime, anywhere, from a web browser on any Internet-connected device. Clients can pay as they go, and easily scale resources up or down based on growth or changing business needs. Break free from the complexities and costs of managing hardware and maintaining software. Imperium Powered by Acumatica is designed to deliver the highest levels of security, availability and performance.


SaaS Benefits without the Drawbacks

We mean it. The Acumatica platform redefines SaaS by delivering the cloud benefits customers want, without the typical drawbacks. Acumatica Construction Edition’s technology overcomes many limitations faced by other SaaS applications.
8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a SaaS Vendor
Will it scale?

As your business grows, Imperium Powered by Acumatica grows with it. With the option to upgrade resources and run multiple application servers simultaneously, you can keep up with the demands of your business.

Will it deliver the performance I need?

Imperium Powered by Acumatica uses the latest technology and infrastructure to drive blazing-fast performance. Our product is purpose-built to handle thousands of transactions an hour with incredible speed and minimal hardware. Whether you are handling a small volume or thousands of transactions, Acumatica’s patent-pending technology delivers the performance you need.

Is it secure?

Imperium Powered by Acumatica meets the highest levels of physical and software security. Unlike many web- based applications, with our solution you are in full control of where your data is kept and processed, and over who has access to maintain and use your system. All data is stored separately for each customer. Imperium Powered by Acumatica uses the same encryption technology used by banks to ensure nobody can access sensitive data.

What if I lose my data? How can I recover it?

The implications of losing your business data can be catastrophic. Imperium Powered by Acumatica’s database snapshot feature enables point-in-time recovery of your database instance. By performing regular snapshots, you can rest assured knowing your data can be restored at any time.

Can I minimize upfront cost?

Save on upfront investments and use your capital to grow your business. There’s no hardware or upfront software costs when you deploy Imperium Powered by Acumatica SaaS.

What is the system availability?

Imperium Powered by Acumatica is designed to keep you up and running at all times, and we back this promise with guaranteed uptime SLAs.

Will I save on IT?

With no additional IT staff required to manage your Imperium Powered by Acumatica solution, you can put those extra IT dollars back in your budget.

Is my data backed up and easy to access?

Imperium Powered by Acumatica comes with a built-in automated backup feature with a seven-day retention period. Our backup access service allows you to download your data at any time and store it in a location of your choice.

Other vendors say…
“You cannot customize your application extensively.”

Imperium Powered by Acumatica’s robust platform enables sophisticated customizations, even in a SaaS environment.

“You have to tolerate sub-par performance in return for anytime, anywhere access.”

Imperium Powered by Acumatica SaaS meets the most demanding standards needed by high-volume businesses – in addition to providing anytime, anywhere access, from any device.

“You cannot control when you upgrade; we upgrade everyone at the same time to give you cost savings.”

Imperium Powered by Acumatica’s multi-tenant technology creates cost savings that we pass on to our clients. We also give every customer a dedicated instance so they can schedule upgrades when they are ready.