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Eliminate Missed Deadlines

You work hard to increase your company’s bottom line by maximizing income and minimizing expenses. But do you have an ironclad process in place for staying on top of important deadlines? Managing a business inherently comes with dozens of easy to miss tasks and common oversights — many of which carry measurable financial risk.

The REact critical date warning system can help you keep track of time-sensitive items and remind your team to follow through.

The result?
No more penalties, extra interest accruals and losses stemming from forgotten deadlines.


Resolve Common Issues

REact is applicable for businesses in any industry where missing date-sensitive tasks carries measurable financial risk.

  • Missed expiration dates or commitment dates on:
    • Letters of credit
    • Property tax payments
    • Debt milestones
    • Certificates of insurance for vendors
    • Maintenance agreements
  • Oversights due to employee turnover, busy schedules or absence of tracking automation
  • Incomplete or disregarded tasks due to poor accountability for completion
  • Lack of confirmation that date-sensitive items have been addressed

Set Up One-Time or Recurring Tasks

A user can set up tasks within REact, whether one-time or recurring, in a way that escalates non-compliance with completion by automatically generating emails “up the line” as time passes without action. For example, REact might be set up to send a staff member an email reminder for a task that needs to be completed in 30 days. If two weeks go by without a response, the system can send an email automatically to a supervisor indicating that the task is now 14 days from expiration. And if that task is still outstanding within one week of its due date, a top level executive can be notified.

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“We wanted a better monitoring solution than being dependent on someone’s recollection, a yellow sticky note or even some of the less refined task management programs that are available. REact allows us to collect, manage, monitor and track mission-critical —and other— tasks that are important for managing our business and minimizing risk. It integrates with other IBS products, so it allows us to take advantage of information already captured in the system.”
Rick Rich

Chief Administrative Officer, RXR Realty Corp.

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