Property Management

Partners and Integrations

IBS interfaces with dozens of third-party software applications to support multi-cloud functionality. Users choose from best-in-class products across a range of real estate services categories:


  • Commercial
    • VTS
    • Realty Data Management
  • Multifamily Residential

Commission Management

  • CommissionTrac

Budgeting and Valuation

  • ARGUS Software
  • FuelCRE

Banking (Lockbox, ACH, Positive Pay, Payroll)

  • IBS integrates with most major and many local banks to help manage electronic payments and check writing security.
  • IBS integrates with major payroll service providers such as: ADP, Paychex, etc.

Customer Resource Management

  • Apto
  • ClientLook
  • REthink CRE
  • REthink RES

Modeling and Projecting

Contract Management

  • DocuSign

Tenant and Building Portals

  • BuildingLink
  • ClickPay
  • Payment Service Network
  • Association Voice

Space Management

  • Real Data Management
  • PlanData
  • PlaniMetron

Accounts Payable