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Imperium Property Management was designed to take the complexity out of managing your commercial properties. Designed specifically for mid-market and growing owner operators and property managers, it includes all the functionality you need for managing simple to complex leases.

It is embedded in a full suite of financial management capabilities provided by Acumatica. This powerful platform was developed with you — and your stakeholders — in mind, offering unmatched ease of use and flexibility. An open system, it will integrate with any property technology (proptech) on the market.

IBS helps developers, owner/operators and property managers to better manage your business.

We have 40 years of experience deploying technology to manage commercial real estate. We can help you become more efficient, improving operating margins and returns.

We’re your virtual IT department with specialized experience in commercial real estate. We’re here to help you transform your business with technology.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Imperium’s workflow-driven software manages tiered leasing and billing, recovery pools, maintenance requests and more. Accurately forecast and manage direct costs, overhead, profits, cash, and taxes accurately. Record, calculate and bill escalations and recoveries.

Turn data into useful information – anytime, anywhere, on any device. The bottom line? IBS helps you increase efficiencies and reduce property management costs.

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Leverage the Cloud

With Imperium, you can access every aspect of your property management system remotely in any location, with any device, safely and securely – even if you’re not online.

Cloud-based property management and lease accounting functions make your team more efficient. While on the property, they can use mobile devices to collect electronic lease signatures, create repair tickets and attach photos snapped with their phones, and access documents associated with a tenant, lease or property.

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Integrate with any PropTech

Imperium and Acumatica are built on a future-proof platform with an open architecture. That means the platform can scale with you as your business grows. It also means that you can rapidly integrate best-of-breed systems that help you improve tenant experience, manage your business and maximize NOI.

You can connect tenant management, sensors, payment systems, leasing deal management, building management and more without waiting for vendor-driven integrations.

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Property Management and Accounting Software

Commercial leasing is complex, and leases can vary widely depending on what you and your tenants negotiate. So you need a lease accounting system that can handle the complexity and still automate processes to help with billing, accounting and financial reporting. At the same time, you need something that is flexible, allowing your business to grow and flex as the market evolves.

But general-purpose accounting software doesn’t really deliver the specific functionality needed. For one, it often can’t handle the complexity of multi-tiered leasing, and it doesn’t help manage the property management business. In addition, the PropTech industry is growing at an unbelievable pace, bringing unprecedented opportunities to use technology to make your properties more profitable. But to really take advantage of these systems, you need to be able to integrate them with your accounting system, so you can take advantage of new capabilities without having to do double data entry just to maintain records.

Imperium powered by Acumatica was built specifically to help growing developers, owner-operators and property managers who need a user-friendly system of record to manage every aspect of your development and property management businesses.

Imperium is built on the Acumatica ERP platform. That means you get specialized lease accounting integrated with a full suite of ERP, financial and business management functionality.

Imperium and Acumatica deliver important capabilities that allow you to manage your business today and scale with you as it grows.


System of Record

Imperium handles all of your property, lease and tenant information in a single platform that can integrate with any other property technology. Operate from a single source of truth for your business.


Open Architecture

There is tremendous investment in prop tech right now. Our open platform allows you to quickly integrate and experiment with best-of-breed and game-changing technology, without waiting for vendors to build an interface.


Access Anywhere

Access your lease accounting and property management system on any device, anywhere, even in the basement of a building where you have no connectivity.


Comprehensive Record Management

Store records and documents like leases, insurance declarations, invoices, etc. associated with your properties, buildings, units, tenants and leases in one place where they’re easy to find and access, even when you’re out of the office.


Easily Process Invoices

Automate lease billing including scheduled rent escalations, work orders and special requests, changes to the lease and recovery pools. Never miss details or periodic charges.


Automate Recovery Billing

Automatically apply individual lease-specific terms when doing recovery billing for items such as common area maintenance, utilities, etc.


Manage Tiered Leasing

In commercial property management, there’s no standard lease. Free your leasing specialists to negotiate terms that fit your business needs. No matter how custom, Imperium can track all the details, manage the lease electronically and make sure that everything gets billed according to the agreement.


Track and Report Lease Escalations and Charges

Escalate charges by rate schedules, percentages or fixed amounts. Track and automate rent steps. View and report on future escalations in advance to improve forecasting.


Automate Recurring Transactions

Assign AR/AP transactions to specific GL accounts, payment terms or tax schedules. Then automatically associate future transactions with those accounts. Allocate expenses or revenue across multiple GL accounts.


Get Automated Reminders

Never forget to remind tenants about insurance renewals or updated letters of credit. Imperium flags reminders on the dashboard of upcoming dates, so you never let renewals slip through the cracks.


Manage Work Orders

Track tenant and staff-generated work orders and maintenance requests in one place and manage projects to ensure that maintenance is done on a timely basis.


Track Service Calls and Manage Preventative Maintenance

Enable managers to enter work orders in the field, embed work orders into project plans, and schedule recurring preventative maintenance work orders in advance.

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“The combination of IBS’s deep industry knowledge and Acumatica’s Cloud xRP Platform has enabled IBS to rapidly bring a modern, cloud-based solution to market. With this partnership and the resulting capabilities, we are excited to extend Acumatica’s vertical reach to the real estate industry. But we are even more excited to help IBS deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions to its customers.”
Christian Lindberg

VP of Partner Solutions, Acumatica

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