Property Management


Optimize Complex Tenant and Landlord Lease Requirements


Manage Tiered Leasing and Billing

  • Track tenant details, lease agreements, and property and tenant insurance details.
  • Track and report terms, charges and escalations.
  • Add AR/AP charges and associate with a specific GL account, payment term or tax schedule.
  • Escalate charges by rate schedules, Consumer Price Index (CPI), percentages or fixed amounts.
  • Access comprehensive record management, tracking information on buildings, units, tenants and more.
  • Track service calls and manage preventative maintenance schedules by building and unit.
  • Easily process one-time charges and automate escalating charges.

Maximize Occupancy Levels

  • Create various types of detailed leases.
  • Track and record rental contacts.
  • Keep up with current occupancy reports to find opportunities.
  • Import and update CPI.
  • Track and manage property improvements and changes.

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Improve visibility with comprehensive AR and AP lease tracking.
  • Decrease costs and automate expense management.
  • Accelerate utility meter re-billing and tracking.
  • Calculate, distribute and reconcile one-time and recurring Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges.

Increase Administrative Productivity

  • Decrease data entry and transaction processing time with one consolidated system.
  • Copy existing entities to create similar new lease records.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry in multiple systems.
  • Efficiently process workflows such as tenant deposits and tenant move-outs.

Gain Flexibility and Streamline Billing Procedures

  • Automatically invoice tenants for recurring charges.
  • Calculate complex and variable charges billing.
  • Charge escalations on a fixed, variable or CPI-based rate schedule.
  • Assign pass-through expenses to tenants based on expense pools.

Easily Access Financial Data and Reporting Features

  • Imperium’s seamless integration with Acumatica enables robust reporting and drill-downs.
  • Build out the entire escalation for the life of individual leases, enabling easy forecasting for future billings.
  • Review analytical reporting by territory, building, sites or units.
  • Generate detailed rent roll and vacancy reports.
  • Examine escalation charge via inquiries.
  • Evaluate lease status and delinquency reports.
  • Gain access to financial reports, such as aged receivables, and P&L by property.
  • Generate additional, data-rich documents using reporting tools.