Managed IT Services


Allen C. Schneider & Co.

IBS and Manhattan-based accounting firm Allen C. Schneider & Co. share a history dating back to the early 1980s. At that time, the two organizations worked for a mutual real estate client. When Allen C. Schneider & Co. decided to network its own office just a few years later, it chose IBS as its partner – becoming the firm’s first non-real estate Managed Services customer.

More than two dozen years, three corporate network overhauls and one office relocation later, the alliance remains strong, according to Ira Lippel, CPA, Managing Partner of the firm. “Over the years, IBS has maintained its core staff, which is unusual in today’s business world,” he said. “When we call, everyone there knows us by first name. When they come to us, they understand our system and our needs intimately. This is a very personal relationship. IBS is part of our family.”

As technology has evolved, so has Allen C. Schneider & Co.’s network; IBS completely reconfigured and upgraded the firm’s servers and hardware in 2000, 2006 and 2011. IBS also recently helped Allen C. Schneider & Co. relocate its offices within the Empire State Building, its home since 1977.

“When it comes to our IT needs, IBS handles everything from installing equipment and migrating data, to setting up custom workstations, to updating and perfecting our internal controls,” Ira said. “The team there makes sure we have little or no downtime during projects and always is incredibly responsive in the rare instances when we have an issue.”


“The biggest benefit IBS has provided is an integrated approach to my business network, which has tremendously reduced the amount of time I spend worrying about and working on the system computers. IBS has been very responsive whenever I have contacted them with an issue and has been able to solve the issue relatively quickly.  The personnel are friendly and professional, and have made the work-through of any issues relatively pain free on my part.”

Gregory Thomas

Laboratory Director, TerraSense

“IBS provides a broad range of services that we utilize. They deliver personalized customer service and quick responses to our questions and needs. If someone was on the fence about choosing IBS, my advice is Go For It!”

Sue Bodyl

Accounts Receivable Manager, Friendwell Group