Are you tired of nagging IT busywork dragging down the growth of your business?

There’s a multiplicity of pesky, IT-related tasks that SMB owners take upon themselves that drag down efficiency.

  • Implementing and managing backup practices
  • Monitoring security
  • Scheduling and leading employee training
  • Overseeing company email
  • Implementing software upgrades

Why are you doing so much work? The simple answer: a perceived savings in costs.

When polling SMB owners, a survey found that 58% of SMBs cited cutting costs as their business priority. With this goal in mind, SMBs run through the list of cost-effective practices. Enact telecommuting for certain employees, buy supplies in bulk, use open-source software, outsource whenever possible, lean up your marketing and lastly, run your own IT.

Whether it’s a full-time employee handling your IT or a blend of several employees sharing the burden, there’s no denying that doing your own IT saves you money.

In the short term, that is.

Value Your Time

While running your own IT saves you money short term it also takes away from your most precious commodity: time.

Your time andcoins-1523383_1920, most importantly, how you apply it directly impacts your bottom line. Whether the time is spent on growing your business with new sales or by focusing on your core business, the more time you can allocate into these areas of your business the better.

How much potential earnings are you surrendering by spending an afternoon clearing out space because your staff-wide company email server is out of space?

How many lead follow-ups could you be conducting instead of losing an entire morning digging through files on your backup drives?

Invest In a Partner

Ok, so you’re on board. You realize the error in your do-it-yourself ways. What’s the next step?

A familiar trap that many SMBs fall into is to make a stopgap IT hire. Bring on a friend and a tech-savvy relative that is cheap and available. Maybe you hire your neighbor Jim who does freelance IT out of his garage and always seems to be wearing a mustard-stained plaid shirt. You lent him your weed wacker last summer and he owes you a favor. Or you hire your cousin’s friend Lucy who will run your IT remotely —when she’s not perpetually attending a music festival.

That will work, right?

Solutions such as these are transactions. You’re getting assistance, but you don’t receive mutual buyin. Eventually you’ll run into familiar frustrations when you find yourself micromanaging your IT, once again.

What you should be looking for is a partner.

When you partner with an IT team, you’re receiving the invaluable benefit of mutual buyin. They are as concerned as keeping your business up and running as you are. A down server or a security breach is as damaging to their reputation as it is yours.

Having a dedicated partner holding down your technological fort frees up your most valuable commodity: time. With excess time you can focus on what matters. Business development and core business.